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Plate based assay solutions for biologics research and development

One technology platform to monitor both productivity and quality of biologics

Accelerate and de-risk
cell line, upstream and downstream process development

World´s first
Purity and Mispairing Assay
For bispecific antibody analysis

Cell culture samples
Works in µg/mL range
384 well plate based

The only Aggregation Assay for any sample matrix

Analyze both purified or supernatant samples in real high throughput

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Screening assays
for critical glycan features

Cell culture supernatant screening possible

Fc and Fab Titer assays for crude cell culture supernatants

Up to 384 samples
in 20 minutes


March 2023

Launch of

Purity and Mispairing Assay

Cation exchange methodology on a microplate


February 2023

Presentation of purity and mispairing assay poster for bsAb analysis

BPI West - San Diego


June 2022

Talk and posters on glycan and aggregation assays


ESACT 2022 - Lisbon

Read more

June 2022

Long term OEM supply agreement with Cytena


Launch of F.QUANT Titer Kit

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