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Wissenschaftler am Computer

Smart assay solutions for biologics research and development

One technology platform to monitor both productivity and quality of biologics

Accelerate and de-risk upstream and downstream development

Screening assays
for critical glycan features

Cell culture supernatant screening possible


Titer assays for crude cell culture supernatants

Up to 384 samples
in 20 minutes

Patented high-throughput 384-wp technology

Readout on common fluorescence plate readers and cell imagers


November 6th 2020

Showcase presentation on HT Glycan Screening

Festival of Biologics - Virtual


September 2020

PAIA launches Glycan Screening Services
for CLD and USP development


July 2020

PAIA receives Eurostars grant for TIPQmed project
HT glycoscreening for targeted media optimization


April 2020

Launch of second generation PA-104 Fc titer assay kit
with extended assay range

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